Well… it’s 2018

It’s time.

Time to start writing the blog again. Not for long though. Only a couple of days. By end of this week, I’ll forget all about it and then we’ll have another post again on Jan 1 Next year.

For now, wish you all a happy, prosperous year 2018


First post of 2017

Trying to get into the habit of putting something on the blog frequently. Will keep doing it everyday for next few days until it sticks. If it does, will go back and remove absolutely unnecessary posts like this one. But… for the time being, post away !

Goodbye 2016

So, 2016 is gone. Apparently, so is my old blog.

I might try to recover lost posts from there at a later point. For now, here’s a new blog.

Here’s a small list of personal favourites from the year.

  1. Got to spend Diwali with family and relatives.
  2. Doom reboot) was (is!) freaking awesome!
  3. Started using React and Redux.
  4. Got Amazon Echo to control lights at home.
  5. Made new friends.